Ernest Poku
AZ Alkmaar
Introducing Ernest Poku, the undeniable star of AZ's Champions League U21 victory, making decisive contributions with goals and assists in the semifinals and final. With unmatched physical attributes, Ernest made his AZ debut at the age of 17 and has since become a key member of the Dutch national team in his age group. Get ready to witness the electrifying talent and immense potential of this remarkable player.
Stije Resink
Almere City
Stije is a key player at Almere City, instrumental in their historic promotion to the Eredivisie. Stije's intelligence on the field makes him a valuable link between the defensive and offensive oriented players. He has a great reading of the game, selflessly sacrificing for the team's success, and enjoys excellent rapport with teammates. Witness the impact of this astute and harmonious midfielder.
Hamdi Akujobi
Almere City
Hamdi is one of Almere City's standout performers last season and the sole representative in the KKD Team of the Season. With a lionhearted spirit, he is unwavering, a true born winner. Hamdi possesses the physical and conditioning attributes to neutralize opponents defensively while making a significant impact in attack. Additionally, he boasts sublime offensive statistics. Get ready to witness his dominance and brilliance in the Eredivisie.
Jorg Schreuders
FC Groningen
Jorg is a rising star at FC Groningen who has already made his debut in the first team. With his exceptional skills and unwavering work ethic, Jorg brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to the game. Not only is he a brilliant player, but he remains true to himself, displaying both confidence and humility. Get ready to witness the brilliance of this extraordinary talent.
Joshua Mukeh
FC Utrecht
Introducing Joshua Mukeh of (Jong) FC Utrecht. Hailing from the Ajax academy, Joshua is a smart footballer and individual, bringing calmness both on the field and in the dressing room. He diligently works on his own development through extra training sessions and video analysis.
Fofin Turay
FC Groningen
Fofin is a lightning-fast and technically gifted winger who not only displays speed on the field but also in his development. Within one season, he progressed from the U18 to the U21 team and earned the opportunity to train with the first team. Fofin is a reliable player, known for his tremendous work ethic. Beyond football, he invests time in his personal development through studies, self-analysis and additional physical training.
Matthias Nartey
Cambuur Leeuwarden
Born to a Dutch/Frisian mother and a Ghanaian father, Matthias possesses a unique genetic blend that shines brightly on the field. His gameplay is a captivating showcase of technical prowess, a deep tactical grasp and superior physical capabilities. Ambitious and dedicated, he's fully committed to achieving his goals with a thoughtful approach, always strategizing before springing into action.
Introducing Timo Zaal, the new sensation at Feyenoord! Having honed his skills as a standout talent at SC Heerenveen, Timo's journey to success included representing the Dutch National Team. With his impressive background and determination, he's set to make a significant impact on the pitch for Feyenoord this season. Watch out for this rising star!
Daniel Beukers
FC Groningen
Daniël is an integral part of AZ's historic Youth League triumph, where they became the first Dutch club to win the prestigious U21 Champions League. Now at FC Groningen, Daniel embodies the core values of the club seamlessly. A smart, hardworking right-back with unbeatable stamina, he is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Get ready to witness the tenacity and brilliance of this exceptional talent.
Misha Engel
AZ Alkmaar
Misha Engel, a hardworking left-center defender with exceptional football skills. Calm on the ball yet relentless when needed. As a product of the AZ youth system, Misha is pleased with his progress, transitioning from the youth ranks to becoming a regular starter for Jong AZ.
Thuto Mojanaga
Thuto is a South African-born talent making his mark in Dutch youth football. After stints at PEC Zwolle, he now thrives in the renowned Feyenoord academy and represents national teams. Thuto is an intelligent all-rounder with a keen eye for his teammates. Constantly focused on his personal development, he is determined to work hard and extract the maximum potential within him.
Mart Haven
FC Groningen
Introducing Mart Haven, a formidable left-center defender with outstanding physical attributes. Mentally resilient and an incredibly hard worker, Mart is known for his dedication on the field. Off the pitch, he's a smart, likable individual. Welcome to the world of a remarkable talent.
Zaid El Morabit
El Morabit
PEC Zwolle
Zaid is a delight to watch for any football enthusiast with his exquisite technique. A smart and skillful player, he poses a significant threat between the lines. Zaid's hard work, coupled with his ongoing physical development, positions him prominently on the verge of breaking into the first team. Zaid is an easygoing person to work with, both on and off the field.
Jasper Meijster
FC Groningen
Jasper stands tall as the goalkeeper for FC Groningen and the Netherlands' under-19 national team. His journey is paved with dedication, remarkable physical attributes, an unyielding quest for perfection and innate talent. These qualities have not only secured him a spot in FC Groningen's first team but also hint that his debut on the professional stage is on the horizon. Jasper's story is one of relentless hard work and exceptional skill, signaling a promising future in the sport.
Erald Krasniqi
SC Heerenveen
Meet Erald Krasniqi, the rising star of SC Heerenveen. A young and technically gifted player, Erald's relentless work ethic sets him apart. His versatility shines as he excels both centrally and on the flanks. Discover the talent that promises a bright future in football.
Ilias Splinter
AZ Alkmaar
Introducing Ilias Splinter, a selfless player who puts his teammates before himself. With immense discipline, he proves to be invaluable for both AZ and the Dutch national team. With his gifted left foot, Ilias consistently makes the right decisions on the field, while his positional awareness and forward-thinking mentality set him apart.
AZ Alkmaar
The pleasure Tom has while playing is his biggest motivation. He currently plays at AZ–but his dream club is Real Madrid. Ultimately, his personal goal is to have a name that pushes the limits of his career, to be a player that is called one of a kind. Tom is known for his great technique and insight and at the same time is priced for his ability to score.
Dimitris Rallis
SC Heerenveen
Since he joined the famous SC Heerenveen academy, Dimitris is seen as one of their biggest talents. He has the advantage to play as a midfielder and as a striker and he combines his technical skills with his tactical understanding of the game. Dimitris has big plans for the future and is doing the groundwork now to get there.
Nigel Owusu
ADO Den Haag
Nigel is a highly dependable and defensively strong left-back at ADO Den Haag. Nigel remains composed but devours his direct opponent when necessary. With a foundation developed through the prestigious academies of Ajax and AZ, his skill set is of an exceptionally high standard. Get ready to witness the tenacity and quality of this talented left-back.
Thom Faber
SC Heerenveen
Thom has been with SC Heerenveen for since he is 13 years old. Currently he tops the top scorer rankings in the highest Dutch league under 17. Besides his scoring instinct Thom's also flexible, he has a great drive and he is constantly looking to improve his 'game'.
Jay Kuiper
FC Groningen
Jay is emerging as a formidable left-back, distinguished by his impressive physical and conditioning attributes. His prowess in tight spaces showcases his technical skill. Jay epitomizes the modern defender—athletic, technically adept and equally committed to hard and smart work. His rise in the football world is marked by this unique combination of attributes, signaling a bright future ahead on the pitch.
PEC Zwolle
Skip wants to get better every day. As soon as Skip turns off his alarm clock, he's excited to start training and playing games. Skip is known for the calmness he has when he is on the ball, the overview he maintains, and the way he can accelerate. By getting better every day, Skip hopes to eventually play in the Champions League.
AZ Alkmaar
Jeremiah is one of those rare examples who stay under the radar for a long period. Joining AZ being already 16 and within his first year also being called up for the National team. And if it's up to Jeremiah, this is just the beginning. His hunger, his drive and his ambitions are second-to-none.